• To serve as a source of information and referral for women.

  • To identify, research, and help to find solutions to the problems of women and girls.

  • To promote the full and equal participation of women in work, government, and society.

  • To strengthen home life by directing attention to critical problems confronting women as wives, mothers, homemakers, workers, and individuals.

  • To recommend methods of overcoming discrimination against women in public and private employment and encourage women to become candidates for public office.

  • To secure appropriate recognition of women's accomplishments and contributions to Washington County.

Washington County Government

​​Our Purpose

​​​`We have a simple mission:

'To provide resources and advocacy to Women experiencing economic and life transitions!' - WCCW

Founded: 1987

President: Andreana (Andi) Overton

​Vice President: Tamara Doleman

Secretary: Karen Gist

​Treasurer: Michele Sines


Areas of expertise: 
Resource, Advocacy, Education